Exploring the Best Parks in Central Georgia Neighborhoods

Middle Georgia parents know that there's no better way to break away from the digital and virtual world than to get outdoors. With the changing of the seasons, from the blooming of cherry blossoms in the spring to the crisp winter air, our children can play all year round. This means that having a safe and pleasant outdoor space is essential for families. Whether it's a flat field for kicking a ball around, an imaginative playground for pretend adventures, or a shaded picnic table for a bite to eat and conversation, public parks are often the answer.

That's why Georgia Family has compiled a list of the 15 best public parks in Central Georgia. We have searched for the best playgrounds, fields, trails and outdoor spaces for your family to get out and disconnect. Our top pick is Amerson River Park, which has recently been improved with years of local fundraising efforts and a multi-million dollar grant. This 180-acre park is surrounded by a river arc and has various trails, including a 0.6-mile circuit near the playground that is perfect for children's bicycles.

The colorful playground is full of fun surprises for children's imaginations, such as musical games, bridges, climbing and crawling items, and even a telescope. Parents can relax under the picnic pavilion with a perfect view of the playground. Rozar Park is another great spot to enjoy some fresh air. In addition to plenty of activities to choose from, this park offers wooded trails, picturesque ponds, and local ducks.

The well-kept playground extends over an open area with a high and independent slide, swings, and a small set of climbing games. Picnic tables, benches, and charcoal grills are also available for guests to enjoy in the play area. Tattnall Square Park is located on the city block across from Mercer University and is a large and historically rich meeting place for the community. The playground has lots of swings, a rock wall, and two water slides.

The open space is spacious and the shady spaces under the huge tree canopy are perfect for a summer picnic. South Peach Park is another great option for families who are ready to play. From the many running fields to the summer splash zone, there's plenty to do in this cozy community park. The playground equipment could use an update but still offers enough for a good age range.

Peach County parks also have blueberries and walnuts available for collection and public use. Liberty Park has everything a family needs to have a fun day outdoors, including a beautiful gazebo with seating for parents right next to the large playground. The playground may be older but still has many unique play items such as a slide that looks like a rocket, a large inflatable airplane that can accommodate three people, and even a playhouse for young children. Bring a bucket for the sand area and a basket for your snacks and your family can enjoy hours of fun at Liberty Park.

Fountain Park is located under the shade of tall pine trees in Warner Robins. Although the playground equipment is a bit dated, this park's charming location and pleasant walking path make it an ideal spot for a play date. The bathrooms and pool are only open during the summer months. Spring Street Landing is often thought of as the start of the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail.

Located directly on the river, this park's best feature is its waterfront view. Not far away is the bright and renovated playground with a rock wall and balance bar - add in the Ocmulgee Heritage walking trail and you'll see why Spring Street is such a popular weekend spot for families. Country Club Park offers a beautiful outdoor space with lots of swings and large field perfect for playing if you live in Forsyth area. The old drained pool and small playground may be disappointing but there's still plenty to do here - such as biking or walking on its paved half-mile path overlooking the golf course. Ingleside has another lovely park with two games for children - one set older than the other but both still in good condition - plus there's also grassy field surrounded by trees which makes it perfect for games or picnics. Sara Young Willis Park can be found on Houston Road in South Macon between Houston Road Nursery and Porter Ellis Community Center. This park offers an open space with two small playgrounds - one set ideal for older children while the other is more suitable for preschoolers - plus benches for parents and even walking path with small bridges. Atlanta's answer to New York's Central Park is Piedmont Park - it's stunning green spot right in heart of city which makes it ideal not only relaxing or picnics but also swimming courts, tennis courts, basketball courts or even dog park. Other serene parks in heart of city are Grant Park or Lullwater Park - but if you're looking explore more national parks then Georgia has plenty offer from historic sites monuments popular riverside recreation area historic beach. The National Park Service manages more than 423 individual units that cover more than 85 million acres in all 50 states plus District Columbia several U.

S territories - so read on our in-depth guide 10 best Georgia national parks visit from historic sites such Ocmulgee Indian Mounds. If you're looking to explore some of Central Georgia's best parks with your family then you've come to right place! From Amerson River Park to Piedmont Park there are plenty of outdoor spaces that offer something special for everyone - whether it's playing on colorful playgrounds or taking leisurely walks along wooded trails there's something here everyone can enjoy!.

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